Rules and Regulation
Office :

• Opening Hours 8 am-4pm, Monday to Friday

• Medical Superintendent is the CEO of the hospital

Operational Procedures :
• Two collection points for income cash (1) Cash point- for all consultation fees, other fees, medicine sales money, car hires etc. (2) Office accountants for special donations for buildings and special funds

• All incomes from two collection points were credited to Myanma Economic Bank

• All expenditures were debited from the bank by cheque signed by two signatories out of the three.

• Purchasing procedure is worked out by a purchasing sub-committee

• Quarterly audit is carried out by District Auditors appointed by District Synod.

Clinical Procedures :
• Out-patient care for medical, surgical, maternal and child care, reproductive health, STI, Tuberculosis, Malaria

• Inpatient care for medical, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics

• Diagnostic services including laboratory tests, X-ray, ECG, Ultrasound and gastro-scope

• 24 hours service for emergency and in-patients care


2/104, Taungzalat Street,
Tahan, Kalay 02092,
+95 073-21283, 22778, 22779, 0949297152, Fax : (+95) 073-22024